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Hair Regrowth Commercial Treatment

BioFolic H: A natural (and possibly overpriced) treatment that may or may not help in hair loss.

Electrotrichogenesis: Electrical Stimulation of follicles, Popularized by a company in Canada called Current, this method seems to have some validity although there are still questions about safety. Avalaibale in certain salons in Canada, Mexico etc.

F N S / Follicle Nutrient Serum (Piliel): Non-steroidal anabolic hormone and cell culture medium. Cessation of hair loss in 3 weeks and beginning of hair regrowth at optimal hair growth rates in limited trials. No side effects observed.

Fabao: Herbal mixture, This is a natural product. One distributor in the past (Trichogenesis/Cybergen) failed to honor its money back policy and has had its distributorship revoked. All the distributors are required to offer a 30-day money back guarantee including shipping.

HairMax LaserComb: Laser therapy for hair loss has been an idea researched for several years with a variety of products currently available. The first laser therapy devices were large bulky devices that were sold to salons and hair loss clinics for in-store use. Now a portable, personal device for this type of therapy is available. Professionals claim a high percentage of users respond to laser treatment. The LaserComb complies with FDA requirements as a cosmetic laser device for hair, meaning it meets the FDAs safety standards for a laser device and has a cosmetic effect to strengthen, thicken, or improve existing hair. The company that makes the LaserComb says they will be initiating clinical trials for FDA approval for the device as a hair regrowth treatment. $645. Payment options available.

Kevis: Similar to minoxidil or better. The products are designed to fully rejuvenate hair follicles and fortify hair to promote stronger, healthier, more beautiful hair.

Luftek Natural Hair: Claims to let you regrow hair through techniques given on a videotape. They have different products.

Nano Shampoo: Pyrmidine N-Oxides, NANO is a shampoo designed to help preserve hair or stimulate hair growth. Also available in a conditioner. Similar to minoxidil. Possible mild irritation at first is the only known side effects.

Nioxin: Natural treatment, Their claims are pretty spectacular, Available in many salons.

Nisim Shampoo: Natural Hair Loss Product, Similar or better than minoxidil.

Proxiphen-N: Super Oxide Dismutase / Pyrmidine N-Oxides, Proxiphen-N is an OTC hair growth stimulator made by Dr. Peter Proctor. Possible mild irritation/redness of skin are the only known side effects.

Revivogen: Revivogen is a natural formula and shampoo to help treat hair loss. Revivogen uses all-natural herbs and minerals to help block Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the male hormone believed to be responsible for causing hair loss. The main herbal ingredients of Revivogen are:

* Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), Linoleic Acid, and Oleic Acid- Essential Fatty Acids
* Azelaic Acid
* Vitamin B6
* Zinc
* Saw Palmetto Extract
* Pygeum
* Procyanidin Oligomers (Grape Seed Extract)

No major side effects were reported. Mild scalp irritation reported by less than 2% of individuals.

Thymuskin: Thymuskin is a product based on calf thymus extract which they claim helps with male pattern loss and alopecia areata. There are several clinical results in Europe.

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